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Materials and tools on the Lombards

Guides, exhibitions, downloadable documents and publications: these materials and tools are available to teachers, students and all enthusiasts who want to learn more about Lombard history using newly produced informative products curated by the Italia Langobardorum Association.

Guide to the UNESCO Serial Site

The guide, published by SAGEP Editori in collaboration with the Italia Langobardorum Association, presents the components of the UNESCO Serial Site, carefully selected so that each one represents the most significant in its category of the surviving Lombard period remains. Together they give a complete picture of the artistic and architectural heritage of the Lombard people – who, after a long period of migration, settled in Italy and became integrated with Classical culture.

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Educational Game with the Lombards

Vannini Editrice, in collaboration with the “Italy Langobardorum” Association, has created “Engage Yourself with… the Lombards!”: an educational game about the Lombard world and its main cultural reference points in Italy, aimed at learning about Lombard art, history, and traditions while having fun.
Ermelinda and Folco, the main characters of the adventure, along with their cousin Helga, will guide players through games and puzzles, allowing them to discover the 7 stages of the journey: the monuments of the UNESCO serial site.

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Interactive Tables within the Monuments

At each location within the UNESCO site, visitors have access to interactive tables that allow them to virtually delve into the history and details of each monument, providing an immersive and multimedia visiting experience.

Itinerant and virtual exhibitions

Since 2019,  Lombards in Italy has created 3 virtual and itinerant exhibitions in the seven UNESCO site localities: “Getting in touch with the Ancient Lombards”, “Lombard Textiles” and “Lombards in the limelight”, involving in these projects national museums that do not belong to the Network but possess a Lombard or Early Medieval section.
Exhibitions on the history, culture and traditions of the Lombard people to get to know this fascinating people and their archaeological heritage better: from symbolic animal burial practices to monumental architecture, hunting wild game, weaving clothes and other craft activities.
The exhibitions are available online and can be visited in the UNESCO monuments, as updated on the events calendar.

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Pubblicazioni sul popolo longobardo

The Italia Langobardorum Association has produced a number of publications in Italian and English: educational booklets, photograph catalogues and exhibitions on the mythical origins and archaeology of the Lombard people, on ancient fabrics and weaving techniques, traditions linked to food and diet, and lastly on the national exhibition “Lombards in the limelight”.

You can buy all the publications from online bookshops and find extracts in the download area.