Monte Sant’Angelo

Mount Sant’Angelo,
national sanctuary of the Lombard

In 560 the Duchy of Benevento incorporated the Gargano, and thus also Monte Sant’Angelo.
Since the 5th century it has been dedicated to the cult of the Archangel Michael, who was popular with the Lombards because they saw in him the characteristics of the pagan god of war Wodan, protector of heroes and warriors. In the 7th century it became the Lombards’ national sanctuary.
Devotion to Saint Michael spread throughout the West and Monte Sant’Angelo became the model for all the sanctuaries built in Europe, including the Norman one at Mont-Saint-Michel.
The principal Lombard dynasties conducted renovation work to facilitate access to the primitive cave and provide shelter for pilgrims, as recorded by inscriptions found on the site.
Monte Sant’Angelo Council is a founding partner of the Italia Langobardorum Association. This part of the UNESCO Serial Site consists of the San Michele Arcangelo Sanctuary complex.

Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo