Benevento, duchy
of Langobardia Minor

In 571 the Lombards founded a duchy in Benevento, of which Arechis was the most important and best-known ruler. Protected by its power and secluded position, the duchy remained unharmed in the face of the threat from the Franks; Charlemagne himself was forced to stop at its border.
Over the course of five centuries, cultural activities flourished in the city, which increased in prestige to become the capital of Langobardia Minor.

The most significant signs of Lombard presence in the city are the church and cloister of Santa Sofia, the Sant’Ilario complex and the boundary wall.
Benevento Council is a founding partner of the Italia Langobardorum Association.
This part of the UNESCO Serial Site consists of the church of Santa Sofia and its cloister.

Benevento Longobardi in Italia

Church of Santa Sofia

The Samnium Museum

Benevento Longobardi in Italia


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